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About us at LOUIS DELIUS

180 years of credibility

What began as a family business founded in 1832, under the foundation of a group made up of entrepreneurs with a desire to improve in the city of Bremen - in the north of Germany - and where one of the most important ports in Europe was located, today in day it is LOUIS DELIUS, a company managed under the requirements of German guarantees, by professionals who understand the industry of specialized tools and accessories typical of this branch of manufacturing.

Our main product lines include accessories
for drilling, chiseling, cutting and roughing, which we offer from our own offices in Germany, China, Singapore, South Africa or Panama, with representatives in all Latin American countries and with a wide catalog of duly detailed products.

Our collaborators regularly visit fairs in Asia, Latin America and Europe, in search of the best products to offer and to stay updated with the latest developments in the sector.

Welcome to the house of Kraft Bohrer

LOUIS DELIUS develop the brand Power drill thinking of all those companies with the need to buy accessories for construction and industry, previously segmented by categories according to needs, applications and tastes, finding what they are looking for in less time and in an optimal way.

We are passionate about the engineering and design that comes with everything that is integrated with German support. That is why our desire to provide Latin America with an international brand such as Power drill, with high quality products, manufactured by professionals and for professionals of the same range.

“Kraft Bohrer, the most trusted German brand of professional drill bits”

We have laboratories that certify that all our products are manufactured under German standards and comply with the necessary quality controls to obtain a product capable of offering a long life.

Innovation and Consistency

We offer the most complete and advanced catalog of accessories in www.kraft-bohrer.com - our 100% online store, open 24 hours a day and offering various benefits, such as our virtual quote, and where our distributors can place their orders or quotes online, with all the confidence and German support, from the comfort from your offices or from your cell phone.

This catalog has the necessary technical specifications to be able to compare products and request a personalized quote.