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Warranty Policy

Product Guarantee

This Warranty Policy explains the warranty for products purchased on https://www.kraftbohrer.com/ (hereinafter “Website”), owned and operated by KRAFT BOHRER (hereinafter “Owner”) and operated by LOUIS DELIUS GMBH & CO. KG. (hereinafter “Operator”).

Users will be considered all those people who access any part of the Website or acquire any of its services or products through the Website (hereinafter “User”).

And at purchase arrives damaged, the User must immediately report it on the delivery manifest provided by the transport company and proceed to reject the product.. If no damage was reported on the delivery manifest, the User fully understands and accepts that they received the product in perfect physical condition.

Products will not be exchanged due to errors attributable to the User at the time of purchase. The products will only be exchanged for obvious defects shown in the delivery receipt or for the erroneous shipment of an unsolicited product., bythe owner.The User is obliged to keep the box and the product since in some cases it is required when a product change must be made to enforce the guarantee. 

All products and services published on the Website have the minimum warranty against factory defects provided by law or, if higher, that offered by the product manufacturer. purchased. Once the applicable warranty period has expired, the Owner will not be responsible for any type of claim from the User.

ANDl Owner limits the receipt of warranty claims exclusively to products purchased that do not work properly due to problems in their manufacturing or internal omission of the product. The warranty will lose its validity in the event of defects or deterioration caused by external factors, accidents, wear, non-conforming or inappropriate use by the User. Additionally, all cases in which the User does not comply with the specifications established by the manufacturer and all those indicated in the warranty terms are also excluded from the warranty. Products modified by the User or any other person not authorized by the manufacturer are excluded from the warranty.

To initiate a warranty claim you must report the case by sending an email reclamos@louis-delius.de.

The User in the event of any claim about hispurchase, you must present a copy of the invoice, a copy of the product delivery manifest, a copy of identification, and the product in the same conditions in which it was delivered, preserving all of the original packaging in perfect physical condition.

All warranty procedures are the responsibility of the User through the authorized workshops that the brand/manufacturer has established in the country if applicable, and must comply with the procedures requested by the workshop. The shipping and transportation cost only covers the delivery of the product, it does not cover any additional warranty procedures.

The Owner reserves the right to review any product that is the subject of a claim and establish a definitive diagnosis for the User, within a maximum period of 30 business days. In case of replacement of a product with a new one, the virtual store will notify the User, and will deliver a new product delivery manifest where it will be specified that it is being exchanged for a new product.

The Website makes the email available to the User with the ability to purchase reclamos@louis-delius.de to be able to request information about the warranty periods of any product published on the Website. 

Owner and the Operator (and their respective administrators, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, related companies, employees and service providers), will not be responsible under any circumstances for damages and/or losses of any nature caused to the User by the improper functioning of the products purchased on the Website.

Last update made 09/28/2021.