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Delivery Policy

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This Delivery Policy explains the handling, process and delivery restrictions for purchases made on https://www.kraftbohrer.com/(hereinafter “Website”, owned and operated by KRAFT BOHRER (hereinafter “Owner”) and operated by LOUIS DELIUS GMBH & CO. KG (hereinafter “Operator”).

Users will be considered all those people who access any part of the Website or acquire any of its services or products through the Website (hereinafter “User”).

Shipments will be made, when necessary, through a logistics operator (hereinafter “Transport Company”).

Delivery times for Latin America and the caribbean are estimated from the approval and verification of payment of the order and may vary depending on external conditions and the User's location. 

To comply with the stipulated delivery times, it is necessary that at the time of making the purchase the addresses provided are complete and detailed (It isexample: Country City, Neighborhood, Street, Name of ANDaddress, apartment number O Home and cell phone).

The User must specify an address to which the order can be delivered within business hours. 8:00 a.m.5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. The Owner and Transportation Company does not guaranteeshipping at specific times.

Product transportation costs will vary depending on the weight, size and volume of the product, as well as the delivery address indicated. Los costOare applicable to each purchaseThey will be confirmed by our team.

Que under the responsibility of the User Confirm what the building, warehouse and office, does not have any restriction that could prevent or affect the normal delivery process.

Deliveries will only be made to the cardholder. If delivery to a third person is required, the User must coordinate with the Owner, who may request the signing of an authorization document. The User is responsible for any loss that may result from indicating a person other than the User himself as the person to receive the purchase at the shipping address at the end of the purchase and releases the Owner and Transport Company from all liability that may arise. of said loss.

The User agrees to have a photograph or copy of their personal identification document taken at the time of delivery, if required. The User must check the status of the product before signing the delivery document. If the User or the person receiving detects defects in the products, they must refuse delivery of the product. Once the order has been delivered, no claims are accepted regarding the conditions of the products due to their manipulation in the delivery process.

The Transportation Company will make 1 delivery attempt to the person and location specified in thepurchase.  The carrier in charge of making the delivery will be contacting the User via telephone/cell phone to coordinate the delivery.

The Owner and Transportation Company reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to classify as an unserved area any area that it considers puts the physical integrity of the delivery personnel and the merchandise at risk, as well as other rural areas. difficult to access or with poor road connection.

Owner and the Operator (and their respective administrators, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures, related companies, employees and service providers), will not be responsible under any circumstances for damages and/or losses of any nature caused to the User by the delay in delivery of products purchased on the Website.

Last update made 09/28/2021.