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Return policy

  1. Returns

This Returns Policy explains the return and refund process for products purchased on https://www.kraftbohrer.com/ (hereinafter “Website”), owned and operated by KRAFT BOHRER (hereinafter “Owner”) and operated by LOUIS DELIUS GMBH & CO. KG. (hereinafter “Operator”).

Users will be considered all those people who access any part of the Website or acquire any of its services or products through the Website (hereinafter “User”).

Returns will be accepted exclusively in the event that the Owner has shipped a different product than the one the User has purchased or if the User stated in the delivery receipt that there was damage to the product and rejected it.

The User must meet the following requirements for the Owner to accept the return of the product:

  • The product must be in the same condition in which it was delivered and must retain its original packaging and labeling in perfect condition.
  • Shipping must be made using the same box in which the item was received to adequately protect the product.
  • The return will not be concluded to satisfaction until the products are returned and reviewed by the Owner's team or the manufacturer, if applicable, and they are determined to be in perfect condition. If, upon being inspected, the product is indeed defective for reasons not attributable to the User, the purchase must be returned or the product exchanged.
  • The procedure to make the return, the User must follow the following steps:
  • The User must inform via email to reclamos@louis-delius.de specifying the items you wish to return, the reason, copy of the invoice, copy of your identification and copy of your delivery manifest.
  • The Owner will send you the transport guide via email to make the return.
  • The User must coordinate with the Transportation Company to set the date and time of collection.
  • The Owner will confirm receipt of the product via email.
  1. Refunds 

The actual return of the products will give rise to a refund equal to the cost of the returned products.

Owner will manage the refund order using the same method that was used for payment within 2 business days from confirmation of the Owner of the successful arrival and in adequate condition of the returned product.

The User may also choose, as a substitute for the refund, to have a new product sent by the Owner for a value equal to or less than the product you wish to return. This substitution is subject to the availability of the products at the time of the request by the User.

Last update made 09/28/2021.